SODC Rejects Kler Plan

About forty residents from Long Wittenham were present at the Didcot Civic Centre last evening where the South Oxfordshire District Council Planning Committee voted to reject Kler’s planning application for 36 houses on the field at the corner of the Didcot Road and Fieldside.

The committee’s decision is not the end of the matter however, as the application will now be subject to Kler’s appeal at the public enquiry scheduled for the 14th November, again at the Didcot Civic Centre, but it is hoped that SODC’s opinion will carry weight when the inspector considers the case.

The case against Kler’s plan was eloquently argued by Steve Brown on behalf of the parish council, Peter Rose as chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee and our district councillor Sue Lawson.

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2 Responses to SODC Rejects Kler Plan

  1. Jacqueline Armstrong says:

    Good start! At what time is the public enquiry on the 14th November?

  2. Steve Brown says:

    We will be doing plenty of PR as the Public Inquiry gets nearer. However the “standard” time for them to start is usually 10.00am on the first day and a bit earlier on subsequent days. We will be able to confirm nearer the date. SB

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