Vanderbilt Homes Update

Some residents will have noticed a flurry of activity in the last few days on the Vanderbilt Homes site on the corner of Didcot Road and Fieldside.

Last week, parish councillors were given an update on the project by the company’s construction manager Peter Hutson and site manager Jason King.  They hope to complete the development by August next year, with the first show home unveiled next Winter.

The completion of the outstanding archaeological work is expected by the end of this month followed by the creation of a site entrance on the Didcot Road.  Construction traffic will use an area on site to avoid vehicles parking along Fieldside and in other parts of the village.  Work on the new traffic calming measures on the Didcot Road is not expected to start until the Summer.  The power line that runs across the site will go underground and the company says it will work with the Internet Service Provider Gigaclear to ensure there is no disruption to broadband and telephone communications.

Mr Hutson said that Vanderbilt would make every effort to get the development completed as cleanly as possible, but he said some disruption could not be avoided.  During the initial works, the development could be worrying for some residents.  He said: “Vanderbilt understands concerns people might have as the development progresses but with open communication, those fears can be managed and the impact reduced”.

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2 Responses to Vanderbilt Homes Update

  1. Sue Tucker says:

    Can they publish the results of the archaeological work. Surely they to wait for outcome before they start anything.

    What about environmental and the fact that putting so much concrete in the ground will affect where water goes. The ditch was flooded this year as it is. It will only be worse once the houses are there. What are they doing to prevent flooding of the road.

  2. Chris Waites says:

    Can’t wait, especially until they install the zebra crossing. I hate crossing the road on that corner in the mornings. And more people to welcome to the village, more people to support the pubs who undoubtedly need every punter they can get at the moment.

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