Sires Hill Roadworks 5th to 7th June

It has come to the Parish Council’s attention that work is scheduled to take place at the junction of Didcot Road and Sires Hill from Monday 5th to Wednesday 7th June.

The utility repair and maintenance work will be carried out by Thames Water.  There will be multi-way traffic signals, so delays are possible.

See the details below from the One.Network website.


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One Response to Sires Hill Roadworks 5th to 7th June

  1. David Haylett says:

    If Thames Water are fiddling around at that junction they might also like to properly fix the leak on the Clifton Hampden side of the Bridge. They ‘fixed’ it so well last year it is back again, only worse. There is so much water on the road there were a pair of ducks in it the other week. And then they will have the temerity to impose a hose pipe ban!

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