20mph Speed Limit

The Parish Council has been advised by Oxfordshire County Council that the 20mph speed limit throughout the village will come into force on 10th December.

Residents will have noticed that 20mph signs are already in place.

The formal notice is below.  The full legal Traffic Regulation Order can be downloaded here.

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8 Responses to 20mph Speed Limit

  1. Anne Beacham says:

    Who is checking as they don’t do 30

  2. Ann Tomline says:

    More signage littering the village and who will monitor this new limit as the 30 mph wasn’t
    Money spent on our uneven pavements would benefit all villagers walkers and elderly

  3. Les Ormonde says:

    Without police enforcement, I doubt this will make much difference to vehicle speeds through the village.
    What monitoring of speeds after the signs are put up is being done and will that monitoring result in speeding tickets?
    Personally, I believe that a little enforcement of the 30 m.p.h. limit would have had the desired effect instead of wasting money on new signs that will ultimately be ignored.
    Where are the police in all this? Don’t they deal with traffic offences any more?

    • Jane May says:

      Villagers, especially those with children, should be aware that, freed from the 20mph zone, vehicles of every sort do whatever ambitious speeds they like down Northfield Lane past Bodkins Field.

  4. Debra Steele says:

    We live on Didcot Road and some drivers are not taking any notice whatsoever. Still driving through like idiots. Also there is a black bin bag over the flashing 30 sign & I hope this is changed to 20 and starts flashing again. Does really need policing though. Unless you watch the road you do not have a clue.

  5. Chris Waites says:

    Seeing as we are one of the test villages for OCC’s 20mph limits, and OCC provide funding to Thames Valley Police for speed cameras, maybe they should put some pressure on the police to provide enforcement. I imagine they would make a fortune if they did a speed trap outside Saxon’s Heath.

    To be honest the police saying they can’t be bothered to enforce the limit just isn’t good enough. We have a village where you have to cross the road on blind bends at both ends, which is very difficult to do. The police waiting for someone to be run over before getting out of their warm offices/cars is unacceptable. An enforced 20mph limit would make the village more pleasant and safe to live in, especially for those living on Didcot Road.

  6. Chris Waites says:

    As an aside, I emailed the council because I don’t think the road to Clifton Hampden has ever been called “Long Wittenham Road”. AFAIK that part of the road is still High Street.

    Long Wittenham Road is the one that runs from Sires Hill to North Moreton.

    Important to get the road names right as otherwise the whole limit isn’t valid if it was ever challenged. Maybe the Parish Council can confirm as they probably have more definitive maps.

  7. Sally Duff says:

    Thank you to OCC for including Long Wittenham in the trial 20mph speed limit.
    It will be interesting to see if it has any impact on the majority of drivers passing through, unfortunately whatever measures are taken, even enforcement won’t stop the irresponsible speeders.
    Thank you to our Police force who risk their lives on every shift they do, keeping us safe in Oxfordshire.
    Thank you to all those people who still join the Police and local government despite the constant barrage of negativity from Jo Public.

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