All Souls Day Services

The Revd Canon Paul Brignall writes …

The 31st October, “All Souls Day”, is the day in the year when churches across the world remember loved ones who have died.

This year especially, we will also want to remember the countless thousands who have died in the coronavirus epidemic in every country.

If you would like to join us for this special occasion at 9.30am next Sunday (31st October) at St Mary’s Church, you will be most welcome.

There will be a book available in which names of loved ones can be written, or you can email your request to

You may also like to know that at St Paul’s Culham there will be a special All Souls Day service at 4pm.  As well as reading the names and remembering those who have died, you will be able to light a candle in their memory.  Everyone is most welcome to share that special time with us.

The Revd Canon Paul Wignall
Team Vicar, Dorchester Team Ministry
01865 407848 / 07967 719601

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