Big Things – Villages Wanted

Two television production companies are contacting parish councils around the country asking them to let residents know about a new TV show being developed for a major UK broadcaster.

The idea behind the show is that they will be funding numerous public art projects around the country and they want people to nominate their own village to win the chance of creating a new landmark for their community

The process will see established artists working with the local people to create large pieces of public art that have specific meaning to the community, such as The Kelpies, the 30-metre-high horse-head sculptures in Falkirk.  The companies want people to use public art as a way of creating a discussion about their own shared collective identity.

They would like residents of small towns and villages to get in touch and tell them what makes their hometown so special.  Does it have a rich history?  Is something or someone famous associated with it?  Do they have interesting traditions?  Has the community fallen on hard times and is in need of reminding people about how special it really is?  What is their unique story?

The most important thing is that the village has a strong sense of community and a commitment to the project, as this is a journey they will all go on together with the goal to create a legacy piece of public art of which generations will be proud.

See the “Big Things” poster for more details.

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