Calling All Dog Lovers

David Corney writes …

I really enjoy talking to people when out walking my two black labradors, and as we finally appear to be emerging from lockdown, I have been wondering if it might be useful, informative and fun to form a group in the village for those who have an interest in dogs – including, but not restricted to dog owners.

The aim of the group would be to meet, probably once a month (tbd), to swap ideas, share dog walk routes, share some walks together, and also to invite relevant speakers to talk about different aspects of dog activities.  This might include talks from dog behaviourists, police dog handlers, tracker dog handlers, dog agility trainers, and others tbd.  However the main aims of the group would need to be shaped by those who join in.

If you think you might be interested in joining such a group, or would like to attend an initial meeting to discuss how this could be developed, please let me know by emailing me at  If there is enough interest I will set up a first meeting, as easing Covid restrictions allow, so that we can meet up and talk through what we might want from this group, and decide how best to take this forward.

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5 Responses to Calling All Dog Lovers

  1. Keeley Volpe says:

    Sounds great, David x Milo and I could be interested x

    Keeley at Lovegrove Barn

    • David Corney says:

      Hi Keeley. Thanks for your reply and your interest. Please can you drop me an email to – just so I have your email address. It will be easier to send out emails to all those interested as organisation develops. Many thanks,

  2. Mike Pearson says:

    Certainly up for that .
    Julie, Mike, Bettie, Sophie and Rosie Pearson.
    Could I suggest The Plough garden as a meeting venue. (Can’t think why).

  3. Ros Biggs says:

    Sounds like a great idea, we’d be interested – Ros, Bob and busy little beagle Bear

    • David Corney says:

      Thanks Ros, Bob had some good ideas when we kicked the idea around last week. Please can you send me an email to It will be easier to send out emails to all those interested as organisation develops. Many thanks,

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