Dog Club

The Long Wittenham Dog Club is for people from Long Wittenham and the surrounding area, who have an interest in dogs – it is not exclusive to dog owners.

The club was started in May 2021, as the country emerged from Covid lock-down and people were allowed to meet in large groups out of doors.  It has developed from there.

STOP PRESS: Come Along to the club’s Anniversary Event on 14th May.

Our weekly walks prove to be great fun for the dogs, and nicely sociable for their owners/handlers.  We meet every Saturday morning at 10am, in the Neptune wood meadow in Long Wittenham for (what has become known as) “Mutts in the Meadow”. [Note Neptune meadow is fully fenced.]

For communicating with members, the club has an email list and a WhatsApp group.  Occasionally the times and/or location of our weekly walk vary due to weather or to sheep being grazed in the meadow, so please ensure you are on the current email list in order to receive emails about any upcoming changes.

The group is free to join, but members are expected to abide by the following set of (common sense) rules:

  • Handlers/owners are responsible for their dog at all times.
  • Aggressive dogs are not allowed.
  • Anyone walking with the group does so at their own risk. The dogs thoroughly enjoy “Mutts”, and are often boisterous.  Please keep your wits about you.
  • “Mutts in the Meadow” is unlike personal dog walks – we sometimes fail to keep a close enough eye on our dogs because we’re busy chatting, and consequently can sometimes miss our own dogs having a poo.  Consequently, the group has adopted a policy we call “proxy poo picking”.  This means that if we see a dog poo on the ground, regardless of whose dog produced it, or when, we will pick it up, bag it and bin it – as “compensation” for any poos we might have missed from our own dogs.
  • No throwing balls or sticks – there are some dogs with injuries who should not be chasing balls or sticks – please keep these for your private walks.
  • While gathering and waiting for Mutts in the meadow to start, (or finish), please wait around 30m away from the gate, in order to give free access to the meadow to other walkers and dog owners.
  • Please do not bring bitches to club walks when she/they are on heat.

If this group is something that might interest you, please contact David Corney at

Read the Open letter to Long Wittenham Dog Walkers – May 2022