Community Hub Update

More than fifty people attended a day long consultation at St Mary’s Church last Saturday (19th March) to discuss plans for the Community Hub.

There were five sessions, with about thirty residents attending the first session to discuss the village hall and school.

Parish Councillor Peter Rose introduced to the meeting Chris Brotherton of Thomas Homes, the Parish Council’s chosen developer.  He was joined by chief designer Paula Foxley and architect Philip Briel.

The purpose of the consultation was to get feedback about the design of the school, village hall, homes, highways and access, biodiversity, landscaping, heating, power sources and climate change.  Thomas Homes was supported by two more experts on biodiversity, and highways and transport planning for later sessions in the day.  Each of the sessions was attended by interested residents which ensured a lively discussion on each topic.

Thomas Homes brought a number of display boards to the meeting, providing background to the discussion topics.  These boards can be viewed here:

Residents who could not attend the meeting are welcome to send comments and ideas to

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  1. Stephen+Brown says:

    During the meeting we discussed access to the site and it became clear that a two access arrangement as shown on the boards was not going to be practical and so it is more likely we will see a single access off possibly a new roundabout at the Saxons Heath junction.

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