Community Speedwatch Update

Statistics collected by Community Speedwatch UK show how sustained Speedwatch activity contributes to a change in driver behaviour when applied consistently, resulting in lower average speeds, and thus contributing to the lowering of the number of killed and seriously injured road users and pedestrians in traffic collisions.

Seven volunteers from the village now make up the Long Wittenham Community Speedwatch group.  The group has been operational since late January and ran its first three sessions in February.  During these sessions, it identified eighteen vehicles speeding at 25 mph or faster, two of which were travelling at more than 1.5 times the speed limit.  A total of 492 vehicles passed through, making the speeding traffic almost 4% of the total.

The registered keepers of all speeding vehicles will receive a letter from the Thames Valley Police.  Data collected by Community Speedwatch UK shows that 93% of people who receive a letter do not reoffend.

There are currently two verified sites in the village, one of which is on the Didcot Road to check traffic entering the village from the Didcot direction.  The group expects to establish more sites in the future, all of which have to comply with the strict Thames Valley Police requirements.  The group is planning to run further sessions at varied times of day, and different days in the week, including weekends.

If you would like further information about Community Speedwatch UK please visit its website, or if you are interested in joining the village group please contact David Corney at  Anyone joining the group is required to pass a short on-line training programme.

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    Thank you the team.

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