County Councillor Election

A reminder that voting will take place tomorrow (28th November) for the Oxfordshire County Councillor seat for the Wallingford division of which Long Wittenham is part.  Voting will take place between 7am and 10pm at the village hall.

The village was previously represented by Lynda Atkins who stood down in September.

There are four candidates: Elaine Hornsby, Independent, George William Kneeshaw, Labour Party, Adrian Lloyd, Conservative Party and Pete Sudbury, Green Party.

More details on the Oxfordshire County Council website:

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2 Responses to County Councillor Election

  1. Jane May says:

    We are grateful to the Parish Council for at least giving out the names of the candidates, as up to today, we have had communication from 1 candidate only- rather a disgrace at what is a hugely important time for Oxfordshire. We have no idea what platform any of these others on standing on. So much for local democracy.

  2. Martin Elliff says:

    We have had nothing from any of the candidates here on Fieldside. One might expect to find information on the ‘net but the only site I could find is this:

    But sadly, only one of the candidates has posted anything.

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