Cyclepath / Bridleway Closure Extension

The current closure of the cyclepath/bridleway which runs from the west end of the village to Moor Ditch for widening and surfacing was originally expected to last for four weeks from 10th January to 7th February.

The Parish Council has been advised by the Network Management team at Oxfordshire County Council that the closure will be extended to Friday 11th February to allow the works to be completed.

Further information may be obtained from Luke Dawson at or call 07917 156916 quoting reference T9147/AC.

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4 Responses to Cyclepath / Bridleway Closure Extension

  1. Chris Waites says:

    Very much looking forward to it being open – will finally have a decent quality cycle path to use with the kids. They have done a proper job clearing everything back.

    Sustrans are also clearing back the surface on the section from Moors Ditch to Appleford Road, so other than the section betweeen that and the A4130 there will be a good quality off road cycle path between the village and the shops and playground in Ladygrove.

    It should be a really good resource for young (and not so young!) people in the village. The old path was flooded for much of the winter and dangerous to use with kids because you can’t pull far off the path to let horses pass and their riders always passed too fast with skittish horses kicking out at the kids.

  2. Stephen Brown says:

    Let’s remember this is a Bridleway first and cycle way second.
    Sustrans expect cyclists to give way to Horses as they have priority.

    • Chris Waites says:

      It’s wide enough now no-one needs to give way to anyone, just stick to one side and there is plenty of space to pass unless aggressive cyclists or horse riders deliberately ride across the whole path to block people. Which I’ve never encountered in thousands of kilometres.

      The narrow bit towards Didcot horses are prohibited from using thankfully.

      Should be good news for everyone, before it was so narrow that even when you stopped and pulled right up against the undergrowth you had skittish horses kicking very close to you. Not good for children, I always tell mine how dangerous horses are and to stay well away.

  3. Liz Nightingale says:

    Do we have confirmation of when this will open? Like Chris Waites I am looking forward to using it very much.

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