Didcot Road 10th January

The Parish Council has been advised that roadworks to install the new zebra crossing and traffic calming measure on Didcot Road for the Vanderbilt housing development, will commence on Monday 10th January.  Vanderbilt will also be doing some other ancillary work on the road.

Two way traffic signals will be in place so delays are likely.  The work is expected to take approximately three weeks.

For more information, call the Oxfordshire County Council highway enquiries team on 0345 310 1111.

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10 Responses to Didcot Road 10th January

  1. Chris Waites says:

    Great news, this will make it so much easier to cross the road without relying on nutters barreling around the blind corner stopping. Hopefully it will slow traffic along Didcot Road too.

    • Donna king says:

      Once the cars are over it they will just accelerate off ,still causing us the same problems,,,all for the crossing but we will still have the problem by our houses and entrance to Saxons and Westfield,

      • Chris Waites says:

        In that case the Parish Council need to get behind measures to slow traffic entering the village from Didcot Road (which I agree is unacceptable) rather than coming up with a list of excuses why it can’t be done.

        Simple fact is Saxon’s Heath was built in a different age with far fewer cars. We are in a minority of villages where the road opens up as you enter the village rather than narrowing. The only way to fix that is a speed camera (not likely as TVP seem averse to speed enforcement in villages), traffic calming or making the road seem narrower through planting closer to the verge or other measures.

        If TVP are too idle to enforce speed limits, and the Parish Council say suggested traffic calming is impossible, then logically we need to get on with the third option – planting along the verge. Woodland Trust provide trees for free. So if ownership of the verges can be established (SODC allow planting in principle) then we need to get digging.

  2. David Haylett says:

    So why, on Friday morning are a proliferation of signs saying “Road closed, access only” and “Diversion” when the road is NOT closed and, apparently, is not going to be?

    It destroys any trust you might have had, although by now I know to ignore them

  3. Admin says:

    I have asked OCC Highways this morning why there are road closed signs. If I get a response, I will post it here.

  4. Jane May says:

    Curiously, the road closed sign appears to relate to the road between Little Witt turn & Clifton Hampden??

  5. David Haylett says:

    Actually you will find them in Clifton Hampden by the traffic lights and at the entrance to Saxon’s Heath amongst other places. Someone in Clifton shop this morning was complaining that if you obeyed them it meant going from Wittenham to Clifton via either Culham or Wallingford, considering its not true anyway this represents a major inconvenience and increased, unnecessary, use of fuel and creates extra pollution.

  6. J May says:

    Thanks, David. Yet again this morning, for the third or fourth time in recent months, our village is confronted with numerous confusing, and apparently incorrect, road signage which simply leads folk round in circles for no reason whatsoever. The cost of these signs is not insignificant, and is, I am sure, met by the long-suffering tax-payer. I would like to make a formal request, please, via our Parish Council and County Councillor, for
    a) Any road signage to be erected no closer than 24 hours to the actual closure, and removed as soon as possible after use – some have been left in place weeks after the event and
    b) Whatever signage is necessary must be site-specific, indicating the location of closure.

  7. Admin says:

    This is the response I got from OCC Highways:

    There have been no permit applications for a road closure, the name of the contractor is usually stencilled on the signs so this may give an indication of who intends to close this road, the only legal way to close a road without notice is if there is an emergency utility ie Gas, Water or electric etc, however retrospective notice must be given within 2hrs of works commencing and there has been nothing as far as I am aware.
    Russell Chaplin.
    Technical Officer (Streetworks)
    Oxfordshire County Council, Highways and Transport,
    Ron Groves House OX5 2BP
    mailto:- russell.chaplin@oxfordshire.gov.uk

  8. David Haylett says:

    The usual gobbledegook, jobsworth reply one might expect! So what??

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