Didcot Road Traffic Calming Consultation

Residents will remember that Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) consulted last April over plans for a new traffic calming measure as a result of the Vanderbilt housing development.

Those original plans have been amended and OCC is now seeking views on a revised proposal for a ‘kerbed’ build-out traffic calming feature on Didcot Road, approximately 60 metres north west of its junction with Saxons Heath.  The feature includes a ‘Road Hump’ with adjacent traffic island (within the northbound carriageway) and cycle-by-pass facility.  Priority will be given to traffic travelling south-eastwards out of the village, with traffic travelling north-westwards required to give-way to oncoming vehicles.

The new plan can be downloaded here.

More details, as well as the option to complete the consultation survey are on the OCC Let’s Talk website.

All comments must be submitted by Friday 17th February 2022.

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8 Responses to Didcot Road Traffic Calming Consultation

  1. Steve Bolton says:

    Signs DO NOT WORK. What works is road humps
    All build outs and chicanes do is stop traffic and allow pollution build up
    Humps slow traffic but allow to flow
    When are you people going to listen or do we need to start asking why you are allowing the traffic to pollute our village

  2. Karl Beacham says:

    This new plan will encourage speeding as opposed to slowing it down. People will see a gap and speed up to get through before oncoming traffic.

    Once people exiting the village have passed it they will speed up before the saxons heath junction. These issues combined will make it harder and less safe exiting saxons heath.

    Also the 20mph limit encourages dangerous overtaking manoeuvres when exiting the village. Again making exiting saxons heath dangerous.

  3. Robert Calcutt says:

    I would be grateful if the OCC could explain to me why they have an obsession with traffic islands and seem so anti road humps. There are several examples of pillow humps in the surrounding towns/villages that keep traffic flowing at a sensible speed – they also do not damage the undersides of most vehicles… why cannot we have these and scrap the traffic island?

    • Donna king says:

      please comment on OCC page we have until the 17 feb we all have asked for no buildouts no chicanes ,agree wht wont they listen.years ago all we wanted was humps so traffic flowed ,no congestion .less pollution ,less road rage they never listened hope they do this time.

  4. Diana Wright says:

    Have OCC ever monitored the way traffic speeds up past Saxons Heath as it exits the village. As a cyclist it can be quite nerve racking.
    On many occasions walking through the village it is very obvious that not many drivers appear to know what 20mph is.
    Yes get rid of the chicanes and lets have the humps we would have been happy to have many years ago.

  5. Sue Marsh says:

    The previous chicane on the Didcot Rd was a traffic pinch point which only slowed vehicles down at times of peak traffic flow. At ‘out of hours’, drivers of cars and vans saw it as an irritation and accelerated out of it, to quickly exceed the old and new speed limits.
    The proposed new chicane with hump is a marginal improvement. Speed humps are essential to slow the traffic down on this road. But one on its own is not enough.Driving at 20mph causes some drivers great frustration which they relieve by exceeding the speed limits between traffic calming measures, and overtaking dangerously at the Saxons Heath Rd entrance.
    The proposed chicane is too close to this Saxons Heath and Westfield Rd access. They are re no through roads with no alternative means of entering or exiting from their roads.Over half the village live in Saxons Heath and Westfield Rd, these residents are finding it increasingly difficult and dangerous to exit onto the Didcot Rd because of other driver’s speeds entering and leaving the village.
    There can only be increased volumes of traffic using the road with the Didcot housing developments and those within the village itself. So the difficulty mentioned can only increase.
    Several Traffic calming speed humps on the Didcot Rd would have greater effect than the proposed chicane alone.
    As there are plans for a further housing development within the village also accessing the Didcot Rd it would be better to move the start of the traffic calming further out of the village towards Didcot (on the Didcot side of Saxons Heath), and include a small raised roundabout as well.
    This would be a preventative measure before a very serious accident occurs.

  6. Nicola Dickinson says:

    I agree that the traffic calming (below 20 miles per hour) needs to start sooner along the Didcot road (northwards) sine now that the LTN build-out is in place there is insufficient warning in terms of the signage approaching the stopping point for cars entering the village. It requires a sudden stop rather than a gradual one – even at 20 miles per hour.

    Furthermore, why are there no adequately reflective bollards on the build-out? The cheap, black plastic posts serve no purpose whatsoever in my opinion as a non-resident in this area entering the village on a dark, unlit road. If you look at the various scenarios of traffic entering and leaving the village you will see how very unclear situations emerge with this set- up (such as oncoming cars obscuring vital road markings etc

    • Admin says:

      The Parish Council has asked OCC to replace all the bollards in the village with white reflective ones. They have been ordered and will be installed when available.

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