Didcot Road Works

Residents will have noticed that work has started on the traffic calming build-out on Didcot Road, despite the fact that the public consultation on the feature does not close until 17th February.

The Parish Council has received the following statement from Aaron Morton, Oxfordshire County Council’s engineer overseeing the works: “I am unsure as to why the traffic calming/build-out works have commenced whilst the consultation period is still ongoing.  I can confirm I have sent an email to Vanderbilt stating that the works are to be stopped and the highway is to be returned to its existing state immediately, to which Vanderbilt have confirmed. ”

“I also stated that Vanderbilt’s contractors are NOT permitted to carry out any further works on this S278 until the agreement has been signed and sealed and until the conclusion of the consultation for the build-out has been reached.”

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4 Responses to Didcot Road Works

  1. June Eastwood says:

    A small victory for common sense. Hoping that the same weight is given to the villagers opinions regarding the currently, proposed, inadequate traffic calming measures.

  2. Bill Symonds says:

    Yes a small victory for now BUT I’m not taking any bets that Vanderbilt don’t get their own way in the end.

  3. Denise CORNEY says:

    Agree with comment from June Eastwood. Current and proposed calming measures are inadequate at the Saxons Heath end of the village. Cars continue to speed, despite the new 20 mph restriction.

    • Chris Waites says:

      They just need to overrule Oxfordshire Highways and put traffic calming at the start of the limit. LW is unusual in that the road opens up as you enter the village from Didcot rather than becoming narrower/hemmed in like most villages.

      I now ensure I slow to 20mph before passing the signs, but it admittedly feels very slow and half the time you end up with some idiot driver a few centimetres from your rear bumper.

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