Graffiti Damage

Thames Valley Police are investigating after graffiti in two-feet high letters was daubed on the end of a terraced house in St John’s Row.  The graffiti read: “Horses are bad!”

The vandals also went on to deface the sign at the entrance to the Three Poplars Park, fencing at the side of the park and the sign outside Acklings playground announcing the start of the bridleway ahead.  The symbol for horses was spray-painted over.

The police are appealing for people to come forward if they saw suspicious activity in the area or have CCTV camera evidence which can be viewed.

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5 Responses to Graffiti Damage

  1. Ann Tomline says:

    How horrible for the people who had this written on their house such a sick thing to do Hope the culprit’s are caught. My sympathy goes out to you.

  2. Jane+May says:

    Sick is about right, & I’m glad this kind of criminal damage is being investigated. Everyone in the village should be made completely aware that horses actually have priority on the adjacent bridleway over bikes & pedestrians. Thoughtful & respectful use by all should be possible, whatever their age.

  3. June Eastwood says:

    As the route, the bridleway, is used by many cyclists, walkers and runners, commuting between Didcot, Long Wittenham, etc., hopefully this isn’t a pathetic, local, vandal.
    The much improved bridleway is equally traversible at night, so a less local, but mindless, individual, from further afield, could also be the culprit.
    This isn’t the first time that the intolerance between the different bridleway users has been extremely unpleasant. Hoping that TVP have better luck this time.
    I feel extremely sorry for the unfortunate house owners.

  4. Chris Waites says:

    How childish. Hopefully moving forward all this nonsense about who has priority, who was there first, whether it’s a cycle route etc. can be forgotten about and people can just share the great new path responsibly as happens 99.9% of the time.

    Horse riders – be aware that the sheer size of the horses and also skittish horses are intimidating, especially to children and elderly people. If in doubt, pull off the path and wait for others to pass.

    Cyclists – slow down and use your bell to warn others. Be aware that bright clothing may alarm horses and so extra care is needed. If in doubt, dismount and walk.

    Both cyclists and riders – be polite and say thank you when others are courteous towards you.

    Doesn’t seem difficult to me but apparently does to some riders and cyclists.

  5. Tyler says:

    How bad that is I feel bad who house this hope the criminal gets some jail time

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