Health Services Survey

Our Member of Parliament, David Johnston, has launched a Health Services Survey, the aim of which is to get a constituency-wide picture of which health services local people think we need more of, such as GP surgeries, to keep pace with the growing population.

This is a non-political survey; all the questions relate solely to health services and are designed to demonstrate the strength of feeling from local people on this issue.

You can access the survey here:

The deadline for responses is 17th April. The more people that complete it, the stronger the message.

Paper copies of the survey may be requested from

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One Response to Health Services Survey

  1. Jane May says:

    Health providers need, with urgency, to be given a status with some weight in the planning process, maybe as statutory consultees in major applications, to ensure that an adequate health provision network, including dentistry & other services, are identified & funded before permissions are given.

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