Lunch Club Thanks Founder

Members of the Village Lunch Club thanked June Woodage for twenty-five years as the principal organiser of the club at its October meeting in the village hall.

It was in December 1997 when June contacted villagers to see if they would be interested in joining a lunch club.  Late in January 1998 a note was delivered to every home in both Long and Little Wittenham, inviting people to a get together on 12th February.  On that first menu for thirty-eight members was soup, bread and cheese and a hot drink for 50 pence.

The club usually meets on the third Thursday of each month.  All residents of a certain age are welcome to join.  Membership costs £1 and the two-course meal costs £3.

June is retiring as an organiser but is leaving the club in the very capable hands of Isabel Henderson, Sylvia Harrison and Jenny Garlick.

Lunch Club Photo

Sylvia Harrison, Jenny Garlick, June Woodage and Isabel Henderson.

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4 Responses to Lunch Club Thanks Founder

  1. Judith Baldwin says:

    June Woodage is the most amazing lady. What a gift she gave to the village in the lunch club.

  2. Edwin Heywood says:

    A blast from the past, unfortunately my Wife Elizabeth Wrench passed away over 3years ago, she was a great fan of yours and when I saw your name it made me recall you.
    Congratulations from Adelaide South Australia for your service to Long Wittenham with luck I will be visiting Long Wittenham in 2024, god willing and would love to say G’day for Betty.
    Take Care regards Edwin Heywood
    Email : strawball933@gmail. com
    Would love to hear from you

  3. Jane May says:

    When we tell people from other places about our Lunch Club, they say how lucky we are. And of course very lucky to have June & her team! Thank you so much for all your work & inspiration, June!

  4. Ann Tomline says:

    We have a lot to thank June for . The lunch club is so welcoming and I know when we first came to the village18 years ago now ,attending allowed us to make new friends and helped us settle in the village. Since my husbands death I have valued the monthly meal. Eating and cooking for one is no fun .
    A big thank you to all the loyal ladies and gents who cook ,help and make the lunches a success long may the friendship and good food continue.

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