Neighbourhood Plan: Regulation 16 Consultation

As previously noted here, the Long Wittenham Neighbourhood Development Plan has been revised and submitted to South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC).  SODC has circulated the documents for the next (Regulation 16) consultation, which closes on 13th December.  The plan documents are here:

SODC has also suggested that we encourage as many residents as possible to express their views, both supportive and critical, on the revised Plan, given its ambitious nature.  Please take a few minutes to send  your comments to SODC.  You can do this at the following site:

Alternatively you can email using ‘Long Wittenham Parish Council Submission Consultation’ in the subject line, or complete a feedback form available at The Plough.

The main points that you MAY wish to consider are summarised below:

  • The form states that the plan will be judged against the Basic Conditions statement – this is a technical document outlining how the Neighbourhood Plan complies with National and European planning policy and the SODC Local Plan.
  • The policies in the Neighbourhood Plan identify the 4 sites where we would expect some new housing (the Kler site, the Community Hub site and the existing school and village hall sites). The last 3 sites will only have housing to cross fund the new school and village hall. If the school and hall are not built, there will not be housing on these sites.
  • There are also policies to ensure that the design of any new housing is in keeping with the heritage of the village and that new housing has the right mix of property size.
  • There is a parking policy to improve off road parking allocation.
  • Concerning the environment, there is a countryside policy to ensure the maintenance of important views and to protect the remaining green space between Long Wittenham and Didcot, a policy outlining new footpaths and cycle paths and a policy to protect the Roman Snails along Fieldside.

The potential benefits of these policies include:

  • A new school to ensure the long term future of our primary school. The new school site  will have good playing field facilities and it’s own car parking.
  • A purpose built pre-school.
  • A new village hall with a large hall and additional smaller meeting rooms and cafe, and further car parking.
  • A mix of housing to ensure appropriate properties for first time buyers and downsizers.
  • Reduction of traffic flow and parking along the High Street at peak times.
  • Protection of the important views in the village.
  • Protection of the remaining open land between Didcot and Long Wittenham once the NE Didcot expansion is complete.
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2 Responses to Neighbourhood Plan: Regulation 16 Consultation

  1. Donna King says:

    A shop would be more useful than a café .Also how affordable will the housing be, will there be social housing for those who will not be able to buy?

    • Peter Rose says:


      We do not believe that a shop will be viable in the first instance so we will start small and build on this. A cafe has the option of stocking some essentials for sale. We could also run a weekly market. If these are viable we can slowly progress to a shop

      In this context ‘affordable housing’ is the term for rented ‘social’ housing usually provided through a housing association. The exact number of affordable houses is decided when the developer makes a planning application. We also expect affordable housing to be included in the Kler development.

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