New Bus Service to Didcot

A new bus service is coming to Long Wittenham and Clifton Hampden.  From 4th January, Thames Travel will be operating a service linking Didcot with the Culham Science Centre and Berinsfield.  There will be seven buses a day, five days a week, Mondays to Fridays.

Bus Service 95 runs between Didcot Station and Culham Science Centre, stopping at the Orchard Centre, Ladygrove shops, The Plough and Clifton Hampden Post Office.  Service 95B operates between Didcot and Berinsfield and will also call at Long Wittenham and Clifton Hampden.

The new services will be in addition to the bus service which has been running since April last year by Going Forward Buses to Didcot on Monday and Wednesday mornings.

Financial support for the new service comes from the developers of the Ladygrove expansion which will see 1,800 homes, schools and facilities built over the next ten years.  It is hoped that the services will eventually become commercially viable.

The chairman of the Parish Council Gordon Rogers said: “This new service will be a life-line to people who do not have their own cars and will provide a daily service for shopping in Didcot.”

“However the message for all villagers is to use the new service or face the prospect of losing it.  The new services and the Monday and Wednesday Going Forward Buses services are valuable but if they are to continue, then people must support them”.

See the Route 95 and 95B timetables on the Thames Travel website.

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  1. Tom Bowtell says:

    fantastic news about these new bus services. I will try to use as much as possible, and with the timetable it works for commuters, which is great. It would be good to get the ladygrove developers help fund our cycle route to Culham as well!!

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