New Permissive Path for West Field

A new “permissive path” is to be established on West Field, an area popular with walkers.

Footpaths around the field have been used by residents for years but legally they are restricted to the bridleway running from the end of Fieldside, and the footpath at the end of Westfield and Saxons Heath which leads to the Appleford Road.

The land is farmed by the Emmett brothers but owned by Reading University.  The University’s Estates Manager Nigel Frankland said: “I have talked with the farmer and have a tentative agreement for the creation of a permissive path which can be used by the public.”

The agreed path links the bridleway with the path leading to Appleford Road to create a circular walk.

The Parish Council has asked if the permissive path could be extended to link the bridleway and the cycle path that runs from the west end of High Street.  Mr Frankland said he would investigate with the farmer a proposed extension of the permissive path.

The full extent of the permissive path, if granted, is shown in red on the map above.

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4 Responses to New Permissive Path for West Field

  1. Liz Nightingale says:

    Thank you for this application. Local dog walkers will be very happy.

  2. Robert Calcutt says:

    Has the permissive path been established yet, and has it been extended to cover between the bridleway and the cycle path?

  3. Gordon Rogers says:

    An agreement in principle has been drawn up by Long Wittenham Parish Council and the owners of the land, Reading University, to establish a Permissive Path on West Field leading to the cycle path. The parish council has concerns over some legal aspects of the agreement and these are currently being considered by the University.

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