Pension Credit Application Deadline

Age UK Oxfordshire has asked the Parish Council to remind residents of an important deadline for Pension Credit Applications.

Pension Credit is an income supporting benefit for older people paid by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP).  It is means tested, so whether people are eligible depends on their financial circumstances.

Providing people start an application by 18th December, and have been eligible for Pension Credit since September, they will get both their Pension Credit award (which will be ongoing), and the one-off cost of living payment of £324.  People can still apply after 18th December, but they will miss out on the extra £324 this year (although there may be more payments for people on Pension Credit next year).

There is more information on the Age UK Oxfordshire website.

Claims can be made online on the UK Government website or by calling DWP on 0800 991234.

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