Playareas Update

Residents will have seen the Government announcement that playgrounds can re-open on 4th July.  However, the guidelines for how the playgrounds should be managed to reduce the possibilities of Covid-19 being passed between users are still very strict.

The Parish Council has taken advice from its insurers who have stated that unless the Government guidelines can be implemented in full, playgrounds should remain closed.  The council’s limited resources makes adherence to the guidelines impossible, so it is with regret that it has decided that the play areas in the village will remain closed for the time being, and it will not be carrying out its weekly inspections.

Anyone using the play areas does so at their own risk.

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5 Responses to Playareas Update

  1. Debra Steele says:

    This is ridiculous. Let the kids get back out to play, they need it.

    • Liz Yuille says:

      Thank you for your response to the post about the playgrounds not being opened. The Parish Council has asked me to respond to you.

      When we read that Outside Playgrounds and Gyms were going to be permitted to reopen, we started to work towards this happening in Long Wittenham. Unfortunately, once the Government Guidance was issued, we were concerned by how onerous the requirements are. We approached our Insurers, who advised that unless we were able to comply with the requirements, our Insurance cover could not be guaranteed to respond. In view of this, given our very limited resources, we are unable to reopen the Playgrounds as we had hoped. We understand that people will be disappointed, but our primary focus has to be the safety of our residents.

      Rest assured, we will be keeping this under review.

  2. Donna King says:

    can i ask what the requirements are??seems very odd that people can go on a bus train aeroplane ,,,go to pub ,,,etc etc ,,,but the kids not allowed to go on play equipement .

  3. Chris Waites says:

    More chance by a considerable degree getting run over trying to cross the road to get to the playground then catching covid there, seeing as there have been more times a car has come speeding around the blind corner towards Clifton Hampden whilst we were crossing the road then we’ve actually met other children using the play equipment at Bodkins.

    That said, the council are between a rock and a hard place as the government guidance is clearly ridiculous for small playground run by voluntary organisations like Parish Councils. Almost like they are trying to deflect blame for any potential second wave for some reason… “no, it’s the Parish Council’s fault, they didn’t spray the slide with bleach after every child”.

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