Pump Track Update

The photographs below show the Pump Track at Acklings at the end of last weekend’s work, thanks to the efforts of a fantastic team of local volunteers.

The majority of the materials have been donated by Vanderbilt Homes, with funds raised being used to purchase the extra gravel required to finish the project.  PMS Oxford kindly loaned a digger and other equipment to help shift the 230 tonnes of soil and 19 tonnes of gravel.

It is hoped that the track will be completed next weekend.  The surface needs to be topped up with gravel and then finished off with “self binding” gravel to make it stable.  Finishing touches will include fencing, a sign explaining how to use the area, a picnic table and bike racks.

It is vital that people keep off the track until it is finished.  An equivalent of 120 hours of hard work has gone into it to date, but at present it is unstable and it would be very easy to damage.  The project team thanks you for your support.

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