Road Closure – B4016 Ladygrove

It has come to the Parish Council’s attention that the B4016 Ladygrove – known locally as the Straight Mile – will be closed from Monday 10th to Wednesday 12th July.

The closure is to facilitate road patching works and will operate for 24 hours a day.

See the Traffic Regulation Notice below.

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5 Responses to Road Closure – B4016 Ladygrove

  1. Stephen Brown says:

    Let’s hope they bother to put advance signs at Sires Hill junction this time as last time there were a lot of vehicles that had to turn around which was dangerous.

    • Chris Waites says:

      It’s only closed from the junction with the new houses so traffic can divert along the new road onto the northern perimeter road.

  2. Tracey Primmer says:

    Is there any confirmation that it is only close halfway down , so that you can go through the housing estate

    • Liz Yuille says:

      I have just driven into Didcot by ignoring the Road Closed Signs and cutting through the new housing estate, coming out on the ring road. Hope this helps anyone wanting to get into Didcot without driving halfway round the world!

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