Road Closure – Lady Grove 17th August to 7th December

The Parish Council has been advised by the Traffic Regulations Team at Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) that it will be necessary to close the B4016 Lady Grove from 17th August 2020 for mandatory gas main replacement works which are anticipated to be completed 7th December 2020.

The effect of the Order is to temporarily prohibit any vehicle proceeding in the whole length of Lady Grove.  This is a 24 hour road closure.

Appropriate traffic signs will be displayed to indicate when the measures are in force.

Exemptions will be made for police, fire and ambulance services and for the works and for access to premises which are only accessible from the closed section of road.

Download the following plans showing the extent of the closure and the alternative routes for traffic:

Plan 1
Plan 2

Further information regarding the works may be obtained by contacting Sally Merrett on 02392 624120 or email quoting reference T7871/AC.

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2 Responses to Road Closure – Lady Grove 17th August to 7th December

  1. Chris Waites says:

    Long shot but…..


    Subject: NCR 5 north of DIdcot urgent repairs

    Dear Cllr Sudbury and Cllr Walker,

    Apologies if you are not the right people to contact.

    As you may be aware the B4016 Lady Grove heading north out of Didcot is being closed from 17th August until December for gas main work.

    The official diversion is 13.1 miles long and cuts through four villages.

    There is a cycle path, National Cycle Route 5, which runs alongside it and could be used by commuters between Didcot and Culham (and further). However, at the moment the path is in very poor condition, with extensive potholes. It’s also only about 50cm wide so if you meet a pedestrian or cyclist you have to dive into the nettles and brambles.

    It would also provide villagers in Long Wittenham a safe route to supermarkets when (presumably) the bus service is stopped.

    Please could it be considered for urgent repairs to provide an eco-friendly alternative diversion route? I appreciate council funds are tight but maybe SGN might contribute to the cost too. It would tie in well with the cycle safety work in Long Wittenham being completed in September.

    If you don’t know the route I did video it (section North of the A4130 Didcot Perimeter Road). Apologies for the quality, it was after a long shift at the JR hospital but hopefully gives an idea.

    Many thanks for anything you are able to do to help.

    Kind regards,

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Chris,

      Did you receive a reply to this email? I have also complained twice about this cycle path but I am not sure if anything is planned to rectify the situation. It’s a horrible ride!


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