So What’s It Worth?

Do you enjoy The Antiques Roadshow, Cash in the Attic or Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is?  Then you won’t want to miss So What’s It Worth? – An evening with Jonty Hearnden, in Long Wittenham Village Hall on Friday 8th March.

Presented by The Friends of St Mary’s, this promises to be a light-hearted and entertaining
evening with one of the most recognisable faces on television when it comes to antiques.  This unique event will pit the knowledge of the audience in the room against one another as the tables are turned and they become antique experts for the evening.

Jonty will hand pick selected objects from the audience and just like the real Antiques Roadshow he will share his knowledge with the room whilst the owners reveal their connection with the chosen item.

The twist comes when Jonty asks the audience to value the artefact whilst he keeps his opinions to himself.  Demonstrating his skill with both antiques and people alike he eventually reveals his valuations and the winner is the person or group that is closest to his totals.

A donations bar for wine & soft drinks will be available and all proceeds will go towards the building of new facilities at the church.

Tickets are £10 (children £6), available from Dom Jarman on 01865 407416 or email

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