SODC Garden Waste

We reported here on 7th January that South Oxfordshire District Council (SODC) has temporarily suspended its garden waste collection service owing to the dramatic rise in Covid-19 cases in recent weeks.

Residents who are signed up for the service may like to read a letter from Councillor David Rouane, SODC cabinet member for housing and environment.

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  1. R Willcock says:

    I have never been informed that under this service you only do 20 collections a year. I thought it was meant to be fortnightly ie 26 collections. Now you have suspended the service and as February 2nd you have still not reinstated. This is not good enough and I will expect a rebate on this years service. I would remind you that you have put up the cost of this service nearly every year since 2011 when it was £32.00 to £49.00 in 2020. It can’t keep going up!!!! Many of us are not in a financial position to pay ever increasing costs and certainly not in a position to pay for services we don’t get.

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