Super User Appointed

The village has a new Fix My Street Super User.  Andy Mortimer has volunteered to take on the role.

Fix My Street allows residents to report problems on the roads. Anything added to Fix My Street results in a council highways inspector visiting the site and assessing each problem to see if a repair is needed according to set criteria.  If it is, they then place an order for the work to be done.

A Super User helps to speed up the process.  They can identify and assess things like potholes, blocked drains and damaged signs, and they are authorised not only to make reports, but also to order repairs to be carried out.

Andy has been trained in the role by Oxfordshire County Council and has already identified and reported a number of issues on the village’s roads.

Thanks to Andy for taking this on.  He can be contacted at

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1 Response to Super User Appointed

  1. Debra+Steele says:

    Hi Andy & All,

    I have reported to Fix my street that the street light outside our house, 23 Didcot Road is not working yet. It was put in at the beginning of the year & has now been wired up but still not switched on. Also the street lights on opposite side of the road (new development side on the path) are not on yet. It is very dark by us. Infact there are no street lights at all on the new site and people are walking around at night with torches. Maybe its up to the new residents to sort this out with the developers.

    If my points could be passed to fix my street, I would be grateful. I had a response saying the light was working & it is not.

    Thanks very much.

    Debra Steele.

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