Temporary Closure of Meadow at Neptune Wood

Some residents will have noticed that The Earth Trust have temporarily closed the wildflower meadow which is accessed from Neptune Wood.

The meadow provides a great habitat for local wildlife and a much loved dog walking area.  It also provides the Earth Trust farm with hay, which is harvested roughly once every three years.  Unfortunately, many dog walkers do not clean up after their dogs which means there is a high risk of hay contamination which could put livestock at risk.

Although the Trust appreciates that this problem is avoidable, the only way they can guarantee that the hay is uncontaminated is to temporarily close the meadow to the public.  This measure prevents further contamination and allows for existing dog mess to decompose before the hay is harvested.

The wildflower meadow will remain closed until the harvested hay bales are removed in late July/early August, depending on the weather.

To find out more watch this short video, where the Earth Trust’s Head of Land Management explains why it is so important to clear up dog mess.

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2 Responses to Temporary Closure of Meadow at Neptune Wood

  1. Jacqueline Armstrong says:

    Good Morning Totally agree with this action, it is a shame that a few irresponsible owners spoil it for the rest of us. We have the same problem where we live and it is often the people you least expect as i have witnessed myself.

    • Chrissie Horsley says:

      Unfortunately I have to agree with you. We have the exact same problem in Wallingford by the Thames.
      Also some dog owners ignore signs asking them to keep their dogs on a leash in nature reserves during the breeding season (I used to be a warden).
      As you say, the minority spoil it for the majority!

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