Thames Road Bridge Decision To Be Reviewed

The decision by Oxfordshire County Council’s planning committee to reject the HIF1 (Housing Infrastructure Fund) planning application has been called in for review by the government.

The project includes a new road bridge across the Thames which it is hoped would reduce the traffic through Long Wittenham and local villages.

The government’s Planning Inspectorate will now make the final decision on whether to approve the plans.

More information on the BBC News website.

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6 Responses to Thames Road Bridge Decision To Be Reviewed

  1. mike duff says:


  2. Steve Humphries says:

    2000 properties on Ladygrove Farm North side of Didcot = 2/3000 vehicles alone driving through Appleford and Long Wittenham, if the new relief road doesn’t happen! 13500 new properties surrounding the Didcot boundary by 2030/35.

  3. Jenny McNeil says:

    Great news. Let’s hope that the plans are accepted in the end.

  4. Ann Tomline says:

    Who would vote against this let common sense prevail and stop so much traffic coming through villages

    • Steve Humphries says:

      Ann, I agree it’s not an amazing climate solution but villages won’t be villages again until every commuter going from Didcot towards Oxford stops driving through them.

  5. Debra Steele says:

    This, or something, needs to happen. Long Wittenham, Clifton Hampden and all the surrounding villages just cannot cope with the traffic.

    Its disgusting plus the houses are still going up in Didcot.

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