The Pound Tidy-Up

The Pound has undergone a major spruce-up in readiness for the Summer.  On Saturday, a team of volunteers spent more than two hours weeding and cutting back foliage in the community garden on the High Street.

The operation was organised by parish councillor Sally Duff who thanked workers for their time, and added: “The whole area looks much better as a result of everyone’s efforts.  I would like to thank all the team for their hard work in helping make The Pound more presentable for the public to enjoy”.

Residents are encouraged to use The Pound for relaxation and learn more about the history of the garden which underwent a major refurbishment three years ago.  There is a plant-swapping box where people can exchange plants and a herb garden in the central planter area from which the public can help themselves.

In the past The Pound was used to keep stray livestock.  It was the job of the village constable, along with his normal duties to watch out for stray sheep, cows, goats and pigs.  For the last ten years it has been kept as a green space, cottage garden and wildlife area, giving colour and interest throughout the year.  It is a haven for bees, butterflies and all sorts of wildlife.

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