Tree Planting on Fieldside

Residents may have noticed that trees have recently appeared on Fieldside track.

When the Vanderbilt housing development was proposed, there were concerns that it would spoil the rural feel of this popular walking route.  There was also concern that the track might be used as overflow parking for the estate.

The Parish Council considered a number of options to address these concerns.  Almost a year ago, the council secured a grant from our County Councillor, Dr Pete Sudbury, to plant trees along the track.  The district council Tree Officer was consulted for guidance about which trees would be appropriate for this area.  On this advice, a mix of Field Maple, Hawthorn, Holly, Crab-apple, Cox’s Orange Pippin and Sweet Cherry was selected. These should provide blossom, colourful fruit and Autumn leaf colour as well as some evergreen trees.

The Parish Council is now looking at more sites where both trees and shrubs could be planted to help keep the rural feel of our lovely village.  In the meantime, it is hoped that residents will enjoy watching the trees develop over the next few years.

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3 Responses to Tree Planting on Fieldside

  1. Ann Tomline says:

    Let us hope someone will look after them so often trees are planted but sadly die as not looked after when weather is hot and before they are established.

    • Liz Yuille says:

      Hi Ann
      We have had a long talk with the company who have planted the trees, about how to ensure they get the best start. Planting now is one of the most important things, but they will need to watered in dry summers for the first couple of years. Happily hubby and I are near enough that we can make sure they get the water they need. It will help us to keep fit!!

  2. Chris Waites says:

    The trees look beautiful and I’m sure will look even more stunning in ten years. Thank you to those involved in planting them.

    Hopefully some could be planted along the High Street as well in future, lots of grass but few trees between the Church and the Cross.

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