Volunteers Wanted – St Mary’s Church

David Haylett writes …

Currently St Mary’s is locked and unlocked every day by a group of volunteers who take it in turns to carry this out on a daily basis for two weeks.  Visitors comment that they are grateful to find the building open and accessible.  From time to time people also come in to find a quiet space for reflection.

The Church is also cleaned (vacuumed, swept and dusted) by another group of volunteers who are on a rota.  Again, visitors comment that the building looks well cared for.

It is some years since these rotas were started and in that time some members have left the village, others have retired.

I am looking for new volunteers to join these rotas.  If you feel able to take part in this valuable community service please contact me.  It will be much appreciated.

Thank you to those who already participate.

David Haylett

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