Waste and Recycling Centres to Reopen

Household Waste and Recycling Centres in Oxfordshire will reopen on Monday (18th May) for essential visits, from 8am to 4pm.  They will be open seven days a week, as long as they are not overwhelmed and can operate safely.

To keep everyone safe and allow for social distancing, the number of vehicles allowed on site at any one time has been reduced, so queues are very likely, especially at peak times such as weekends.  There may be local traffic restrictions around each site in order to prevent queues blocking the network, so it is recommended that the latest information online is checked before each visit.

There will be restrictions at the recycling centres including the size of vehicles coming in, and social distancing, and the staff will not be able to help with the lifting of bags.

Please only visit the site if you can’t safely store your waste at home.  And to make sure you can visit safely, changes have been made to the site rules.

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