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We are pleased to report that this website has reached a significant milestone: 100 direct subscribers.  Whenever news is posted here, each subscriber receives an email with a link to the article.

News on the website is automatically cross-posted to the village Facebook page and the 506 followers of that page will see the post in their timeline.  News is also cross-posted to the village Twitter account, and the 336 followers there receive a link.

Not all the subscribers/followers of the website, Facebook and Twitter are residents of the village, but it is gratifying that the news and information on the website is now reaching such a very large audience.

If you are not already a subscriber, go to the bottom of the column on the right hand side of this page, enter your email address and click “Subscribe”.

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3 Responses to Website Subscribers

  1. Edwin Heywood says:

    Congratulations on achieving success over the internet and your pioneering attitude to successfully build a worthwhile News Letter that virtually spans the Globe.
    My sincere thanks
    Congratulations to All
    Edwin Heywood on behalf of the
    Wrench Family
    Late of Saxons Heath

  2. Pauline Withey says:

    Congratulations on your Achievement & success reaching so many people through the internet etc.

    My family lived in Saxons Heath in Long Wittenham from the early fifties and mum, dad & our sister Catherine are buried in the churchyard so we are frequent visitors to the village which has very fond memories for us as a family and we like to keep up with village life in Long Wittenham.
    Well done on your Achievement.
    Kind Regards Pauline & Carol Withey

  3. Admin says:

    Thank you for your comments.

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