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Photo of Earth Trust
Earth Trust

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The Earth Trust has one of the county’s natural  gems, the Wittenham Clumps, at the heart of its estate. The Wittenham Clumps is  an iconic landscape, visited and loved by generations. The Trust’s  school programme stretches across the county and their education and visitor  centre, Project Timescape, explores the evolution of the local landscape.

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Pendon Museum
Work Phone: 01865 407635 Website:

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The famous Pendon is a museum that portrays the rural landscape and  transport of the 1920’s and 1930’s, particularly in the Vale of the White  Horse, using miniatures. For more information on opening times, admission prices  and what’s on offer at the museum please call 01865 407635

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Photo of The Sylva Wood Centre
The Sylva Wood Centre
Contact: Gabriel Hemery
Sylva Wood Centre Little Wittenham Road Long Wittenham Oxfordshire OX14 4QT Website: The Sylva Wood Centre

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The Sylva Wood Centre is a 12 hectare site in South Oxfordshire, and is firmly rooted in the local community.  We have a community of Wood Centre businesses, the Sylva Wood School, the Future Forest, including a Forest School site, and the House of Wessex.

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Wittenham Warriors
Contact: Sally Duff
Home Phone: 01865 407788

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The Wittenham Warriors are a fun and lively social group who are dedicated to raising money for loacl charities. Their exciting and sometimes wacky fundraising activites have included Dragon Boat Racing, the very successful Long Wittenham to Paris bicycle ride andTeletubby tug-o-war, raising funds for Long Wittenham C of E Primary School, The Northmoor Trust and Against Breast Cancer among others. They are always looking for new members to help with their efforts, so if you’d like to meet and make new friends, get involved and have loads of fun raising money for great local causes, get in contact.

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2 Responses to Things to see and do

  1. Ross Law says:

    Is it possible to walk from Long Whittenham north on walking paths over the river, say at the weir, to Clifton Hampden without having to walk that road from LW to CH?

    • Tom Bowtell says:

      Hi Ross

      I’m afraid it’s not possible to do that, as there is no right of way onto the island by the weir that over connects over to the Thames Path.

      It is in the parish council’s long-term strategy to try and open up this route, but unfortunately we have no access at the moment.

      Hope this helps answer, even if it doesn’t help!

      Tom Bowtell

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