Community Hub Plans and Documents

Community Hub Layout – final (April 2023)
This is the final layout of the Community Hub site as included in the planning application.
Community Hub Layout (final)

Community Hub Village Meeting (March 2023)
This presentation of the Community Hub Final Plans was given by Thomas Homes at the village meeting on 22nd March 2023.
Community Hub Final Plans Presentation

Community Hub Village Consultation (March 2022)
These presentation boards were on display at the consultation meeting on 19th March 2022.
Community Hub Presentation Boards

Community Hub Plans (February 2022)
A video of the presention by Thomas Homes and plans of the hub site, school and village hall.
Thomas Homes Presentation (February 2022)
Community Hub Plans (February 2022)

Village Meeting (April 2019)
These documents were presented at the village meeting on 11th April 2019.
Community Hub Plan
Community Hub Indicative Views

Community Hub Plan (March 2019)
This plan was presented at the Annual Parish Meeting on 14th March 2019.
Community Hub Plan (March 2019)

Community Hub Plan (October 2018)
Note that the land not allocated will remain as farmland i.e. it is not now part of the Hub purchase.
Community Hub Plan (October 2018)

Community Hub Plan (Updated, July 2018)
Updated Community Hub Plan (July 2018)

Thomas Homes Examples (June 2018)
Three examples of other local developments by Thomas Homes.
Thomas Homes Examples (June 2018)

Village Hall Strategic Brief (April 2018)
A survey was taken of nearby village halls in order to help design our new one. This document outlines the results, including the proposed rooms and their sizes within the village hall.
Village Hall Strategic Brief (April 2018)

Community Hub Plan (Original, Spring 2017)
Here are the original ideas for the proposed layout designed by Thomas Homes.
Community Hub Plan (Spring 2017)