Didcot Garden Town Residents Sounding Board

The second meeting of the residents sounding board for the Didcot Garden Town (DGT) project will take place on Monday 24th May, from 6.30pm to 8pm via video conferencing.

This sounding board is open to the public and offers an opportunity to receive:

  • an update on existing DGT projects;
  • an opportunity to find out what areas of the delivery plan the councils and partners are working on;
  • hear about environmental projects for the garden town and how you can get involved;
  • give your input on a newly proposed Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan project;
  • have your say during the meeting by posting questions and comments in the chat function.

Information gathered from this meeting will provide the project team with local knowledge and it will be used to help create reports and content for discussion at the Didcot Garden Town Advisory Board.

You can register for the meeting here.  The deadline for registration is 20th May.

There is more information about the project on the Didcot Garden Town webpage.

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