Emergency Alerts System Test

Residents are reminded that the Government will be testing its new Emergency Alerts system at 3pm today (Sunday 23rd April).

The Emergency Alerts system will allow the Government to get urgent messages quickly to nearly 90% of mobile phones in a defined area.  The alerts will only ever come from the Government or emergency services, and they will issue a warning, the details of the area impacted, and instructions about how best to respond.

Emergency Alerts will be used very rarely – only being sent where there is an immediate risk to people’s lives – so people may not receive an alert for months, or even years.

Emergency Alerts will be used across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and their initial use will focus on the most serious severe weather-related incidents, including severe flooding in England.

By broadcasting from cell towers in the vicinity of an emergency, the alerts are secure, free to receive, and one-way.  They do not reveal anyone’s location or collect personal data.

There is more information on the Government website.

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