Local Flood Risk Management Strategy Consultation

Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) has asked the Parish Council to let residents know that its draft Local Flood Risk Management Strategy (LFRMS) open for public consultation.

The draft LFRMS sets out how OCC, in its role as Lead Local Flood Authority for Oxfordshire, and partner authorities will work together to manage flood risk.  It is consulting on Oxfordshire’s second LFRMS which will cover a five-year period but also looks at the longer-term consequences that need to be taken into account, particularly in relation to climate change.

Read the strategy documents and have your say on the Let’s Talk Oxfordshire website.

The consultation runs until 23rd August 2024.

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4 Responses to Local Flood Risk Management Strategy Consultation

  1. Bill Symonds says:

    Sounds like a king Canute job for the boys to me.

  2. Donna Harrison says:

    Well another complete waste of money ,stop building on flood plains job done !!!

  3. Ann Tomline says:

    Just wish the OCC would clean out the drains and culverts I’m sick of the entrance to my property flooding every time it rains due to a lack of maintenance, who puts a drain up hill and then will not correct their mistake I make no further comment other than I am fed up with asking for this work to be done two visits have taken place but no action

  4. Jane May says:

    It appears likely that there will be an increased emphasis on house-building in the near future; our area has been a huge, and many would say out-of-proportion focus of this for some while. As planning rules and building targets are always changing, vigilance will be needed on everyone`s part to ensure that any local land which falls adjacent to flood plains is safeguarded from development.

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