New Trees

Residents may have noticed that sixteen new trees have appeared around the village.

The Parish Council is keen to support the various green initiatives to plant trees to help clean and enhance the environment, so with some financial help from our county and district councillors’ community funds, trees of a range of species (the majority being flowering cherries), have been purchased and planted.

New hedging has also been planted on Saxons Heath Green and in front of The Crescent.

It is hoped to plant more trees next Winter, so if there is a location in the village that would benefit from a new tree or two, please let the council know –

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  1. Ann Tomline says:

    Pleased to hear new trees planted but who will look after them? If we have a hot summer many will die unless home owners near where they are planted have been asked to look after them. Hopefully advice as to the type of trees planted was sort so that in years to come they are not a danger to the public at large

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