Planting on the Pound

We made a successful start to clearing the Pound – thank you to our helpers. We now have a Pound Plan of Action

First we want to clear more of the weeds and tidy up a bit more of the tree. To clear the weeds we need to rotavate and remove as many roots as possible.

Is there anyone with a fairly robust rotavator who would be willing to bring it along to use on the Pound please?

The clearing will take time but in the meantime please can we ask you all to think of the Pound when you are doing your autumn garden sort-out. Please can you save us a few duplicate plants or part of a clump you are dividing or some seeds. We are especially looking for perennial geraniums (all colours), foxgloves, hollyhocks, aquilegia, and buddleia but any cottage garden plants that do well here will be welcome. If you can put them to one side – perhaps pot them up – and keep them for us we will let you know when we need them. Thank you. Most will be planted towards the back of the area with a wild flower area planted in the middle and a bed along the front for the perennial geraniums. The idea is to be low-maintenance and wild-life friendly

If you can help with the rotavator please contact either Janet Haylett familyhaylett@yahoo.comor 407382 or Rose Gill. Thank you

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