Road to Clifton Hampden Roadworks 23rd January to 3rd February

It has come to the Parish Council’s attention that work to repair the floodwalk on the road out of the village towards Clifton Hampden has been scheduled to take place between 23rd January and 3rd February.

The work has been requested by the Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) Bridges Team.  There will be two-way traffic signals, so delays are possible.

These works are in addition to the overnight works opposite Lower Farm schedued for 24th to 27th January .

See the details below from the One.Network website.

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8 Responses to Road to Clifton Hampden Roadworks 23rd January to 3rd February

  1. The Revd Paul Wignall says:

    Here’s hoping the dangerous pothole on the northbound side of the road near the entrance to Lower Farm will be repaired before the work starts.

  2. Ann Tomline says:

    This pothole needs a warning sign as now full of water so now one can see it . I also noticed how the machinery and site where the new boat house is being built is totally flooded and am surprised that this was not though about that this could happen before permission was granted for this building which is totally out of place on the quiet river back water.and soon if we have more rain the river will be over the road . The large machinery and lorries bringing materials to the site must have contributed to the road damage .May be they should contribute to the cost of repair???

  3. David Haylett says:

    Absolutely agree with the above comments. Apparently Clifton Parish Council objected to the boathouse on the grounds of traffic increase. The horrendous pothole by their site isn’t the only one. There are several on the corner by the Barley Mow, the ‘repair’ as you exit the bridge coming from Clifton is falling apart, the car park at the boathouse is flooded. Didn’t anyone check the flood potential? It will flood most winters. Serves them right!!

  4. Liz Nightingale says:

    Arrrgghh it feels like this road is rarely operating normally and open!
    The potholes are so dangerous because drivers want to move right to avoid right into the path of on coming traffic where the road is both narrow and busy.

  5. Stephen Brown says:

    I hope you have all reported the dangerous potholes on Fix My Street?

    The more reports OCC receive the more priority just might be given to fixing them?

  6. Stephen Brown says:

    In case you think FMS doesn’t work?
    I reported that the street lamps on Little Wittenham road were not working.
    3 days later and I have a message to say they have been fixed. I will have to check when it is dark but hopefully they will be back in lighting.

  7. Jane May says:

    Good news or bad news? Chaps came yesterday& fixed some minor potholes on Long Wittenham Road. Road to Clifton Hampden potholes untouched!

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