Village Map Updated

The Village Map which hangs outside the Village Hall has been updated.  The 1.18 mtr x 0.84 mtr laminated map details street and property names to aid visitors and delivery companies, and has an index with grid references.

The map was last updated in 2020.  The main amendment this time is the addition of Wessex Way.  Thanks to all those residents who suggested other changes.

You can download a soft copy of the map here:

Village Map Photo

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3 Responses to Village Map Updated

  1. Debra Steele says:

    Nice. Does anyone know when the street lights & crossing lights will be switched on in
    Didcot Road?? Maybe we should have a street party when this takes place. Only waited 15 months so far & still dark….

  2. Stephen Brown says:

    Didcot Road Streetlighting ….The Ongoing Saga !!

    Emails to and from OCC Highways.

    2nd June
    Dear XXXXXXX, As you will recall we have been waiting for ages to get the new Zebra Crossing working.

    Two weeks ago SSE came and corrected whatever was wrong with the cabling they did back in the winter but still the crossing is not in use and we still have 4 lamps out of lighting which means we still have all the temporary signs around the road narrowing.

    Please can you advise when all this clutter will be removed and when will be able to safely use the zebra crossing.
    Many thanks. Steve Brown. Long Wittenham PC

    2nd June
    Dear Steve,
    Many thanks for your email. The lighting contractor sent an email on 22/05/2023 confirming that the streetlighting columns had been connected. Please can you confirm which lamps are out of lighting so I can investigate into this.
    Kind regards,

    3rd June
    Hi XXXXXXXX, I went out late yesterday evening to check if the lamps are now working.
    There are 7 new lamps in all, 2 with the zebra beacons attached and 5 standard columns. I’m afraid none of them are working??
    Steve Brown

    5th June
    Many thanks for your email. I have raised this with Elivia Homes and requested that they contact their lighting contractor to get this resolved ASAP. I was under the impression that the lighting had been connected and were now fully energised, obviously this is not the case. Please rest assured I have/will continue to put pressure on Elivia Homes to get this sorted once and for all as this has been dragging on for far too long and is not acceptable.

    I will provide you with an update once I have received a response.
    Kind Regards,

    There is no more news at present. Steve Brown

  3. Chris Waites says:

    Much as I appreciate many people are trying, it’s a pretty accurate reflection of the mess this country is in when we can’t get 230V of electricity to travel a few metres, despite three weeks of temporary traffic lights.

    On the plus side my kids will have left Long Wittenham Primary School and moved to a school with a working zebra crossing without being run down crossing the High Street by one of the moronic drivers who mistakes the village at 3.30pm for a rally circuit.

    The whole thing is a ridiculous farce. There is even an unofficial “footpath” around the barrier. The way things are going it will take someone being knocked down on the semi-completed zebra crossing before anything is done by the Parish Council. SSE or Elvira Homes.

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