Wittenham Hazelnuts

The Revd Canon Paul Wignall writes …

Do you like taking photographs?  Are you an explorer?  Do you love hot chocolate and cakes?  Then Wittenham Hazelnuts could be just what you are looking for.

We will be meeting once a month (third Saturday) 10am to 12noon at St Mary’s Church to explore the beautiful world of nature in our ancient churchyard.

You can take photographs, or draw, or write a poem and share them on our special Facebook page.

Everyone is welcome (children under 12 with an adult carer please).

Hot drinks and cakes will be available in the church.  See the flyer below.

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3 Responses to Wittenham Hazelnuts

  1. Ann Tomline says:

    I wonder how people who have loved ones buried in the church yard feel about children and groups of people wAlking among the graves taking photos etc. It is too wet to sit on the grass so worry this is not the time of year to be walking among the graves . My personal opinion is that a graveyard is a place for peaceful reflection of loved ones buried there.Please make sure the graves are treated with respect.

    • Chris Waites says:

      When we’re all dead would we prefer the churchyard – one of the precious few public green spaces in the village (and the only one with no dog poo) – to be empty save for people visiting graves or a place for people to enjoy?

      I quite often go there with the kids who like looking around the church and then exploring the graveyard. There were some amazing masonry bees last year for them to watch. Sometimes we sit on a bench, enjoy the peace and perhaps read a story. Maybe some think that’s disrespectful. Probably most think connecting with your inner spiritual self in a tranquil corner of the village is better than sitting at home in front of a Playstation blowing up zombies.

      • Ann Tomline says:

        We are lucky in Long Wittenham to have vast areas of green spaces for people to walk and look at wild life. We have Wards Field as well . Of course I have no objections to children being shown the grave yard and the church it is there for us all even people of a different religion or non . Treating the area with respect is all I was suggesting it is great that you take your children there and anyone visiting a loved ones grave would not mind.
        I am as a retired teacher delighted to hear that you are able to get your children off these electronic games which seem to be taking over the lives of not just children but adults as well. Luckily we still have freedom of speech .
        A Happy New Year

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