20mph Speed Limit Inaugurated

The village’s 20mph speed limit was officially inaugurated on 10th December by Tim Bearder, the county council’s cabinet member for highways management, the village’s county councillor Pete Sudbury, chairman of the parish council Gordon Rogers and parish councillors Steve Brown and Ron Carter.

Mr Bearder said he was delighted that Long Wittenham had become one of the first areas in the county to adopt a new speed reduction scheme.  He said: “It is an ambitious project and demonstrates that Long Wittenham is serious about reducing vehicle speeds through the village.  Reducing speed won’t happen overnight and it will need time to bed-in”.

Mr Sudbury added: “My campaign to reduce traffic speeds was approved by the county council last year and I am delighted to see that Long Wittenham is in the forefront”.

Cllr Pete Sudbury, Cllr Steve Brown, Cllr Ron Carter, Chairman of the Parish Council Gordon Rogers and Cllr Tim Bearder

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4 Responses to 20mph Speed Limit Inaugurated

  1. Ann Tomline says:

    The 30 mph flashing speed limit now redundant Will a 20mph sign be put up? As flashing signs do bring motorists attention to the change of speed? At the moment the sign on the side of the road is not very prominent.
    Please now spend money on pavements in the village and potholes which will benefit village people especially the elderly

  2. Chris Waites says:

    Good work by the Parish Council and Cllr Bearder. Traffic is noticeably slower since the 20mph signs went up, though that may be due to the parking issues on High Street at the moment. Hopefully slower speeds will last.

    If all villagers comply with the new limit – and thus physically limit traffic for most of the day – then it will become learned behaviour, with those rat running from Didcot to Oxford getting used to slowing down. If most traffic slows down, almost all traffic slows down.

  3. Chris Banks says:

    I know it’s early days for the new 20mph speed limit but it hasn’t made much difference in Didcot Road. Cars come round the bend from the village and still speed along the road, some going very fast. A speed camera seems to be the only thing these drivers will take notice of.

  4. Ian Burton says:

    Living at number 62 Saxons Heath and observing the traffic flow travelling towards Didcot , the new 20mph speed limit just appears to have made things worse!!!
    With huge amount of impatient drivers overtaking at the first available opportunity. Unfortunately mandatory signs do not work when the nice long straight beckons with no physical barriers to slow them down
    Overall very dissatisfied with the whole outcome especially when speed humps would have solved the problem

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