A Message From The Parish Council

The new houses under construction by Vanderbilt Homes are now well under way, foundations laid and block work going up.

With any building site comes an inevitable amount of noise and dust which can cause a nuisance to residents.

From the very beginning, Vanderbilt has been sensitive to these issues and has done its best to mitigate them, e.g. dampening down the dust in hot weather, filling in potholes and fitting white noise bleepers to its equipment.  The main road is kept swept and free of any debris.  It has given time and resources to several projects within the village.

The site manager maintains a cordial relationship with the Parish Council and asks that if any villagers have a concern about the site, they go through the council and not directly to his workforce who are getting on with their jobs.

The Parish Council can be contacted at longwittpc@hotmail.co.uk.

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6 Responses to A Message From The Parish Council

  1. Debra Steele says:

    Hello, We live opposite and our cars & windows are always covered in dust & even mud off of the lorries flicks all over the path. Could we claim for the cars & windows to be cleaned, plus ask if they could please sweep the path outside our houses??

    A reply would be appreciated.

    Thanks very much.
    Debbie Steele, 23 Didcot Road.

    • Sally Duff says:

      Debbie thank you for your comment. As I’m sure you realise with construction comes a certain amount of noise and dust. As mentioned Vanderbilt do all they can to keep these annoyances to a minimum.
      I can recommend a very good window cleaner.
      Cllr Sally Duff

      • Debra Steele says:

        Thank you Cllr Sally Duff, but you have not answered the question (typical for a councillor). Can we claim for our cars and windows to be cleaned due the dust & mud from the Vanderbilt construction directly opposite our house? Also the paths need to be swept please, they are filthy & covered in mud & stones from the lorries driving in & out of the site. They have never been like this before.

        I trust you will look into these questions for us & look forward to a positive response.

        Thanking you in anticipation for your help with this problem.

        Debbie Steele.

        • Sally Duff says:

          Hi Debbie
          I’m sorry I didn’t get to speak with you this morning when I called at your home with Jason the site manager at Vanderbilt.
          However we spoke with Nigel, your husband, who is understanding of the situation. Jason apologised for any mess that may have been on the road & pavement and said he would get his team to hose & sweep them today.

          As for claiming for window & car cleaning the answer is NO.

          Typical Cllr
          Sally Duff

          • Debra Steele says:

            Hi Sally,

            Thank you for arranging for the paths to be swept, they look much better.

            Kind regards,
            Debbie Steele.

  2. Chris Waites says:

    It was great they filled in the potholes on Fieldside, much appreciated by the kids on their bikes.

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