Blister Pack Recycling

Sally Jarman writes …

Thank you to everyone who has brought me their used blister packs for recycling this month.  In case you missed it, I’ve offered to be a collecting point in Long Wittenham for a new recycling scheme by Superdrug and others.

This bag of blister packs (below) shows how quickly these small items build up into large volumes of rubbish.  I’m still collecting, so please put your used blister packs in a bag and drop them through my door at Woodbury, High Street, Long Wittenham.  The house is on the right, just before the first speed hump (travelling in Clifton Hampden direction).

For more information email Sally at

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2 Responses to Blister Pack Recycling

  1. Liz Nightingale says:

    Thanks very much Sally. Will do.

  2. Sally Duff says:

    Fantastic Sally!

    Come on villagers let’s do our bit for recycling and a healthier planet.

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