Bus Service Changes

Going Forward Buses has announced some changes to its once a week D1 service on Mondays between Wallingford and Didcot, which calls at Long Wittenham.  The changes will take effect from Monday 6th September 2021.

The service will be revised to run 15 minutes earlier from Wallingford to Didcot, and 15 minutes later from Didcot back to Wallingford.  There will also be a new return journey from Didcot to Wallingford and back using the same route, giving one hour in Wallingford.  Just enough time for a quick shop round Waitrose or the charity shops and maybe a coffee, depending on how full your shopping bags are.

The revised timetable is on the Going Forward Buses website.

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One Response to Bus Service Changes

  1. Emma Newman says:

    It’s great to have this timetable – only wish they made the service available in the evenings or at weekends, so that the kids in the village could take advantage of it and have a bit more independence, given that there is no easy way to get to Wallingford on foot or by bike, where many of their friends live.

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